Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rock Houses

We've been doing some crafting around here! There has been fabric, felt, yarn, thread, paint and rocks all over the dining and living rooms. Messy, but lots of fun. Hopefully, I'll get some pictures of the mini quilt Mae and I made. It was a complete success and makes me think I might be able to pull off a full size one. Fingers crossed.
These rocks are simply painted to look like houses, super cute. We got the idea from this great book.
I was overwhelmed with sweet peas this year as I planted them both at home and at school, but I'm afraid the only picture I have is below. They're behind the larkspur.
This is the end of the garden where cucumbers and beans are supposed to be. I've stopped watering the flowers but they still don't look dead enough to justify pulling them out. We farmers face a lot of tough situations I tell you.
This is a glass of blood orange juice made after the harvesting field trip. It looks like it could cure anything that ails you, give you magical powers or kill your nemesis. Powerful stuff.

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Cindy or Bart said...

Those rocks are very cute.

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