Friday, May 21, 2010

Surgery Update

Before surgery Chance was happy and ready to go. He was a bit hungry since the surgery was at 1:00pm and he wasn't allowed to eat since 7:30 the night before.
Here he (his knee at least) the day after surgery. The good news is they replaced his ACL, repaired his meniscus and removed the hardware from his previous ACL surgery 20 some years ago. The bad news is while taking out his staples from the last ACL surgery the cracked his tibia. That caused them to put an additional screw in his leg to hold the bone together and will mean he has to be on crutches 6 weeks instead of 1...bummer.
Isabel has been really involved and interested in the whole process. She helped me empty and clean a drainage tube filled with blood (lovely) and has helped get his brace on when needed. Josie on the other hand likes to be more on the comfort/service side of the rehab process. No blood and stuff for her but she has been great at bringing Chance toast and ginger ale and magazines. And of course everybody loves playing with the walkie talkies the Kalis' let us use...especially Chance.

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