Monday, June 7, 2010

Fruit babies

We have quite a few fruit trees in our backyard, some are successful, some are not. These are pictures of the ones that currently look pretty good. Above is a dwarf fuji apple. The blossoms are a beautiful mix of dark and light pink.
Some type of fig that often don't taste very good, somewhat bland and watery. But the tree is covered in fruit, so hopefully, this year they'll taste better.
And my pride and joy, a little plum. I swear I've checked on this tree every day since it started showing signs of blooming in February. I looked today and one of the plums is turning plummy purple!!!
Aside from checking on fruit trees there is not much else going on here. School is officially done. The home garden is 90% planted. The school garden is slowly getting planted. Some knitting is happening. And another, completely new to us, yarn craft is settling into our laundry room. I'll reveal it next time.

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