Monday, June 14, 2010

A new family moves in

What are they looking at? Searching for baby limes on a tree that only produces 2 limes each year? Nope.
Eggs in a bird nest!!!
The cutest pale blue eggs you ever did see.
That is the mom, a California Towhee. Not so cute, in fact quite boring. But she is fierce. She has the most annoyingly loud 'teek' (official sound according to Sibley) when we get too close to the nest. So, we're trying to keep our distance, but we so badly want to peek into the nest several times each day.

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Yay for eggs! I noticed California Towhees nest building at my house last week (in the starflower) and berated them for making a family so late in the year... but maybe they always do their families this late? Anyway, my starflower is too dense to find the nest, so I am glad you get to see yours!

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