Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Lake

We've done a lot latey...
Decorating cookies and Candace's cookie store
Since 3 of the 4 of the adults here have read or are reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" trilogy we decided to have an evening filled with Swedish (and other countries) food and drink.
Tie Dying on the beach
Josie and Tilly helping Carl the Count dig
Lobster night!
Dominoes with the grandparents
Izzy and Tilly playing outside
Izzy and Tilly taking Josie to the train station for her day in the city (she had swimmer's ear and couldn't go in the water)
Josie and grandma waiting for the train
Izzy, Zach, Meghan and Kristi (Eileen Titus' daughter) tipping on the paddle board
Tilly and Elsie
Josie and Charlotte
Izzy, Elsie and Tilly doing crafts at the Livingston's
Josie, Rick and Elsie sailing
Josie getting ready to get back in the water a day or two early with the aid of wax and a swim cap
Josie playing tennis
Izzy, Lindsay (Eileen's other daughter), Meghan, Josie, Tilly and Zach
Grandma's birthday
We have had a blast at the lake. We head out for North Carolina tomorrow!

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