Sunday, September 26, 2010

What we've been up to

We went back up to Keystone for a quick two day trip. The aspens are just starting to turn yellow and as you can see from the background, the weather was amazing! There is a little dirt bike course that the girls (and adults) rode around for a while.
The Agreeable Sisters
The last day we were there it got a little colder. We went to have a picnic at Dillon Reservoir. It was super windy, especially down by the water.
I had to put this picture up. I was walking down our street to our neighbor's Oktoberfest (more pictures below) and I looked up and saw a crystal cleat sky with this one lone contrail. Another beautiful fall day in Colorado.
This is the Oktoberfest. They hire a magician to perform for the kids, and there are a lot of kids. He was really good this year. The kids had a blast.
When the magician was finished the kids went in to the field behind the house and had a massive game of soccer, Boys vs. Girls (that's Izzy with the ball). I think the boys won, boo hoo.
Remember how excited Tilly got when she opened her skittles? This is where she gets it. Chance got a huge pack of Smarties for his birthday. Unfortunately he had to go fly this morning so his birthday celebration was short and sweet. Happy Birthday Chance, we miss you!

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