Thursday, September 16, 2010

Labor Day

Yeah, yeah...I know Labor Day was about 2 weeks ago. Sorry for the delay. The girls and I went to the Louisville Labor Day Parade. We met up with our neighbors and watched with them.
Tilly looking to see what's coming next (there were a lot of gaps in the parade).
Then we were off to the Labor Day Festival at Community Park. Lots of blow up stuff for the kids as well as local food and music.
Labor Day was the day the Four Mile Fire began in Boulder. Boulder is about 8-10 miles away from us so we were in no danger of the fire reaching us. It was a pretty amazing site on Monday morning as we were watching the parade to see this wall of smoke come over Louisville. We all thought that something in our town was on fire that's how much smoke there was. This picture shows the contrast of the beautiful blue sky and the thick wall of smoke. Most of the smoke went north of us although the kids had to stay inside for recess on Tuesday as a precaution. Two of the three secretaries at our school lost their homes to the fire. It was pretty devastating.
This is Josie patiently waiting her turn to jump on the bungy trampoline. She waited for an hour in that line. Izzy and Tilly were running around spending their 6 tickets each on various things. Josie decided to wait in line and use all 6 of her tickets on this one thing...
...and boy was it worth it. She had a blast. She did a few flips, soared in the air and had an overall great time. (notice the smoke in the background)

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