Friday, January 28, 2011

Ballet & The Stock Show

Ok, so the ballet and The National Western Stock Show don't necessarily go hand in hand but they happen to be the two sets of pictures I had on my memory card so they are sharing a post. Tilly started a ballet/tap class a couple of weeks ago. She loves it. I do believe that this is the first dance class any of the girls have taken. The older two did gymnastics but never dance. It's pretty cute seeing all the little kids in their leotards and tap shoes.
Izzy wanted to go to the Rodeo again for her birthday. As you may remember she and a friend went last year too. This year her friend Morgan went with us. We did the usual walk around the stock show grounds and then Tilly and I went home while Chance, Izzy, Morgan and Josie went to the rodeo.
Izzy was intrigued by the sheep, while Morgan (who had never been to the stock show) couldn't get over the fact that there was so much poop everywhere.


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