Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa Dave!

Yay! Another January birthday. And another cake. Yay!
That is me waving in the shadow.
The day started bright and early with fresh-picked, fresh-squeezed orange juice. Everyone was involved.
So sweet. It went perfectly with the popovers and fresh tropical fruit. Nice job everyone!
The human birthday card.
A quick game of Sorry, followed by a trip to the harbor to buy fish, the beach for lunch, the library for a seed swap, the YMCA for a basketball game, the grocery store for cake ingredients and wine, and then home to bake, shoot hoops, grill fish and eat was how the day went down.
Full in so many ways.
Almond cake, almond buttercream frosting with raspberry filling. Pretty darn tasty.
The cake was huge and it is half gone. Way to go us.
Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa Dave, hope you had a wonderful day.

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