Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's a little cold here these days. Although I was just saying last Friday how hot it was running outside in shorts and a t-shirt. Crazy Colorado winters...I love them. At least you know you aren't going to get cold/gray/gloom for 4 months straight. Mother Nature teases you a little with a gorgeous day thrown in every now and then. Reminding you of what is to come.

It was so cold the last two days that the girls' school was canceled. Can you believe that, canceled on account of cold. Back in my day..............I do remember one day in Wyoming when it got to -65 with the wind chill, I am pretty sure I didn't go to any classes that day. Today in Wyoming it was -44 with the wind chill and they had school! Anyway, they will be back at school tomorrow ready to learn, learn, learn...or play, play, play...or talk, talk, talk...or whatever they do all day at school. Poor Tilly only gets one day of school this week. She doesn't have school on Mondays and the pre-school is off Friday. She is the only one who has been really upset (besides me) about the closure. The other kids were dancing and hollering while poor Tilly was crying.

This was the temp this morning in the kitchen. The top was the outside temp, the bottom the inside temp.
Looking out the kitchen window. Don't worry, this is the only window that looked like this. It is a Garden Window and has really thin glass. We keep the blinds closed to all that cold doesn't come in to the kitchen too much.
We made crepes with raspberry jelly, fresh lemon, honey, sugar and cinnamon sugar (not all on the same crepe)...
...and ate them in front of the fire.

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