Sunday, March 6, 2011

Going, going, mostly gone....

We've got some big plans for the back corner of our yard (more to come on that later). The first step was to remove this pretty darn huge tree ( 35' or so). We've never really liked this tree, but it did provide a good visual barrier. We are going to plant bamboo to take its place.
That is a clump of banana trees and a fig tree that were not too badly damaged in the process.

John got to be the one in the tree with the sawzall. I was the person on the ground with the rope. Pretty fun actually, kind of like lifesaving with a ring. We only lost two (out of 20) branches over the fence and we easily pulled them back over.
I was tempted to leave it like this for a while.
But we didn't. We took all the branches off.
Next step- chainsaw and taking out the trunk. I'm pretty sure that'll be my job, because you all know how great I am with a chainsaw, right?!


Grandma Nancy said...

That was quite an undertaking. The corner looks nice and bright now. I wonder if your neighbors appreciate all the new sunlight. I know I would!

wendy said...

They love the new sunlight, but were sad to see the tree go.

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