Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rainbow tea parties and softball

It is baseball/softball season, and basketball season still has not wrapped up, but this day was all about slowing down and enjoying each others company. Lucy set up this whole picnic and even had sandwiches for us all a bit later. It was lovely.
But here we see a different, rarely observed (even by us) side of pink/ballet/horsey/princess Lucy. Mae was the coach; patient and helpful.
It was so strange to see her in black. And in pants. And in tie shoes (cleats even!). And in a hat. And with a ponytail.

Mae was impressed with her throw to second.
Down and ready!
I hope to take some pictures of Mae's basketball and softball teams, and Henry's baseball team soon.
For those of you who were wondering, we did not see any high water due to the earthquake and resulting tsunami. Phew!

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