Saturday, April 23, 2011


We have been talking about ripping our deck down since the day we moved in to our house (almost 10 years ago). Well, we ripped it down. I hope it wont take 10 more years to put something up in it's place. We are planning on putting stairs right off the sliding door on the left side of the picture, that's the kitchen, and having a ground level patio of some sort. We aren't sure yet what to do, flagstone? poured concrete? brick pavers? The biggest thing will be getting the stairs done. It was a lot of fun ripping down the deck. It was pretty rotted. Everyone got in on the action at one time or another. I don't have a picture of the deck completely down but I will take one and post it later, along with the pictures of us jack hammering out some old concrete :) Happy Demoliting!
We backed the truck through the fence and on to the lawn and loaded up all the old wood. I wish I had a picture of that was a lot of wood.

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wendy said...

How about a bigger garden?!
I love demolishing stuff. Hope you all had fun. We'll be ripping out carpets in a few days, wanna come over?

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