Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spiderman/Mr Pickles

This happy girl has been waiting for months to get a hamster. I told her as soon as their new room (paint/furniture) was done, she could have one. The room is done, she has a hamster. That reminds me that I need to show you a picture of their room.
Everyone was very excited to get a new pet, a new cage, and new food. It was quite the scramble trying to put everything in place so that Spiderman/Mr Pickles could settle into his new home.

Here he is, climbing into his new home. He is called Spiderman because he can can climb walls just like Spiderman. Mr Pickles is just his nickname. You can call him either one.

Awwww, isn't he cute?


Just to be clear on my last post about the visiting cat. I really do like cats. We've had many as pets, but the last 3 have all had bad luck and caused us so much heartache that I wasn't ready to get attached to another one. We'll keep letting him visit. The hamster (in my mind) is very close to a gopher, so I don't think I'll get too friendly with him. Sorry Mae, he's all yours.


Cindy or Bart said...

Did you know that France just got fined by the E.U. for not doing enough to protect the endangered Alsace Hamster? Mr. Pickles sure is cute.


Um... YAY, Mae! I am thrilled you have a cool new rodent! That hamster house is amazing.

(Otherwise, yup, too close to the gophers I keep killing.. more power to you, Wendy, letting one live in the house with you.) :)

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