Sunday, July 10, 2011

First days at the lake

The kids at the lake are participating in a triathlon. It's called Tri-Harder Kids Triathlon. They break it up into age groups to determine how far the kids go. Tilly's age group, 4-6, swim 25 yards, bike half a mile and run quarter of a mile. Josie's age group, 7-8, swim 25 yards, bike 1 mile and run half a mile. Izzy's age group, 9-10, swim 50 yards, bike 2 mile, run half a mile. We have been having practice twice a week to get the kids used to the transitions. It's been a lot of fun and everybody is ready for the race on Saturday.
(this picture was taken before Izzy got here)
Within minutes of arriving Izzy was out in the kyak having fun.

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