Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hamsters-the update

I'm not sure how much I've said about our hamsters. I know I posted about Mr. Pickles awhile ago. Sadly, he did not last very long. We were very upset for a few weeks and then decided it was time to get a new one. Her name is Flower and on the very first night we brought her home she had babies! What??!! Four hamster babies thrived under our care for four weeks until we returned three of them to the pet store. Lucy kept one, see above, his or her name is Shadow. Shadow escaped from his or her cage twice. One time for 5 days! But we successfully captured him or her in a mixing bowl baited with food.
This is Flower. She is very sweet. She went on a field trip to school on Friday and had a wonderful time.


Cindy or Bart said...


Grandma Nancy said...

Flower is very cute. Funny how I can think that Flower is cute but I can't stand the sight of the voles who are attacking our pasture!

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