Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thanksgiving in Tucson

We changed things up a bit this year and drove south (well, mostly east) instead of our usual north. Tucson was our destination. The drive was pleasant enough; not too long, not at all cold. We got there pretty quickly and saw a lot of cactus and cotton along the way.
Grandma Cindy has a lot of vintage View-Master reels. Henry looked at all of them.
Lucy spent a lot of time with Cactus the cat. Cactus was pretty mellow and liked most of the attention she received.
We went to a miniature museum, The Mini Time Machine. I took so many pictures; mini shoes, mini potter's studio, mini kitchen, mini aquarium, dollhouses and the above mini vegetable garden. It was a super fun place to visit.
I also took a lot of sunset pictures. The light in Tucson is very special and there is a whole lot of sky. Luckily, I have one kid who doesn't mind being photographed. I'll post some more pictures soon. Grandma Cindy has some up on Desert Grandparents. She took all the good snow-day pictures.

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