Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eat. sleep. play softball...

 That was our Saturday last weekend, minus the sleeping part! Mae's team played in a tournament about an hour south of here and they had to be there at 6:50 AM! Early day for the drivers and spectators, too.
Their final game in that same tournament was at 8:15 PM! That is one loooooong day of softball. But, her team is great (although they didn't do well this time) and they have a lot of fun. 
Night games are tricky for the photographer; and the little sister.
Henry's team did well, losing in the semi-finals last weekend!
John also did well last weekend, losing in the finals of the annual Father's Day Tournament! He played 11 games, which I think is more than he's played all year combined! 

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Grandma Nancy said...

No one has to tell me that you're all winners!

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