Sunday, June 24, 2012


 Can you believe someone threw this out? It is a 1923 Underwood #5, their most popular model!
 The keys are all there, and will a little bit of love and wd-40, they will work, I know it.
 Henry spent about 1.5 hours cleaning it up and getting all the parts working. I knew they would. Now all we need is the ribbon. Anyone got one? You know, the metal spool to spool, half red half black? 
 I seem to remember playing on something like this in my youth. Does this typewriter look familiar to anybody? Did Grandma and Pa have one?
Hopefully, a hand typed letter will come soon. From a boy who is about to be 76 years younger than this machine. Amazing.

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Grandma Nancy said...

Wow, what a find! Good for you Henry that you're patient enough to take the time to make it work again. Can't wait for my first letter.

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