Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 Isn't it pretty? 
Henry made it in woodshop this year. He really liked the class and signed up for advanced woodshop next year! Maybe we'll get a table!
H.H. or double H or Herny or Henderson or Hen.....he's got so many names. 
In action. Well not really, no kale was cut in the making of this blogpost. 
As you can see, it is a smallish cutting board. I think it would be perfect for cheese or apples or mangoes or........
Thanks Henry for such a beautiful gift. 


Grandma Nancy said...

Whoa! That is one beautiful cutting board. Next time you're here I'll show you the goose your Dad made in wood shop. H.H. you have your great-great Grandpa's blood in you. He was a wonderful wood craftsman.

Cindy or Bart said...

We need a cutting board that's as nice looking as this one. Maybe Henry could go into business.

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