Monday, September 17, 2012

Ragnar Relay Colorado

For all of you non-facebookers, here are some pictures from my relay last weekend.  Our team was called, The Muthas Take Two.  Last year we were Run Like A Mutha.  This year we had two new members and it wasn't our second year doing the relay.  This year it was run by Ragnar.  It was so much more organized than last year.  Our team had a blast and we did really well.  We finished 1st in our division, sub-masters (a team with at least one member under 40).  We finished second overall for all-women's team.  We finished 51st out of 163 total teams!  Woo hoo, go us!

The first morning in Breckenridge, van 1 is getting ready to start.

 Van 2 waiting at Copper Mountain to start our section of running.

Me getting ready for my first night run (I did two).

Van 2 waiting for our runner to come in so I can go.

The exchange...I'm off!

A beautiful morning in Basalt, CO.

 My last exchange, 2.75 more miles and I am finished!

I did 19 total miles over about 18 hours.

 The Muthas at the finish line!!!

 The next morning, well rested (13 hours of sleep for me) and cleaned up.

A beautiful morning in Snowmass, CO...a great day NOT to run :)

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