Monday, September 24, 2012

Short(er) Hair

 The simple task of taking a picture of my own head was quite a challenge (I took 23 pictures in all, and didn't like most of them). I could write a post about just that. However, the point here is that I CUT MY HAIR! As you can see above and below, it was looooooong. Too long. Like it gets in the way long. You can also see how terrible the lighting is in our bathroom. 
 So, while the kids and John were off to Bend, OR for the High and Dry Bluegrass Festival, I went to the salon. Yep, a salon. Where lots of (mostly) women go to get their hair cut or colored all the time. I hadn't been in years. Many years. Sounds fancy, but I just got the standard wash and cut. They massage your head. That was really nice. And they give you a discount if you donate your hair, which I did, to Locks of Love. I was not salon-comfortable enough to bring a camera with me, so I don't have pictures of the long detached pony-tails they cut off. It was quite impressive, though.
 And now, I could look like this. 
But, usually I don't. I still wear it in a pony-tail 99% of the time. Today I have two braids that don't even reach that little tie in the second photo (coincidentally, I am wearing the same shirt).
Check out those wavy-curly bits. They are kind of cool. 
So, if you're wondering if it was hard to do or if I have any regrets. The answer is nope to both.

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Cindy or Bart said...

Those Yankees keep us on pins and needles every day!

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