Monday, January 14, 2013

Mae is 12!

 Actually, she's been 12 for nearly 10 days now. Time flies!
She celebrated by choosing the meals, burning the tree, presents and cake; followed by a sleepover with a friend. I'm not sure how to punctuate that sentence.
 We did not burn the presents or the cake.

 It was quite a day. 
Eggs Benedict for breakfast, they were great!
 Tree burning was after a cold cuts sandwich bar for lunch. Also great.
That is an orange that she (and everyone else under 14) skewered and roasted.
Yes, they sort of ate them. 
Hot, smokey thanks.
 Dinner was sushi at Edo Masa. Yep, also really great.
Followed by cake at home.
The cake was pretty good. Triple Decker Boston Cream Pie cake with chocolate glaze.
This day was all about Mae and we all enjoyed it as much as she did.
Lucky us!

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