Monday, January 7, 2013


 These crazy kids are always complaining that we don't live where it snows.
Well....guess what??
We do! Sort of.
 We drove to Ojai over the break (30 miles southeast) and decided to check out a short trail to a waterfall.
It was beautiful, but darn cold. 
 We were at about 3,000' and we were all (except me) wearing shorts.
The temperature was around 38.
I know, that is nothing compared to what you all have to deal with, but I was cold.
Even in pants!
 Even the ferns had icicles.
It was so pretty; green and glittery.
 They were pretty happy, maybe even content enough to do without snow for a while.
In a different area from this waterfall we saw big paw prints; most likely bear and mountain lion.
Good thing we didn't see bear and mountain lion! 
Okay, quick. Take this picture and lets get back to the car.
My toes are frozen!

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