Tuesday, January 1, 2013

after xmas fun

 The day after Christmas was gloriously sunny and ridiculously windy. 
So we went to the beach to play with our new toys. 
It was almost too windy for the kite, but it worked.
It was way too windy for the aerobie which flew into the ocean. The crew (kids plus Mae's friend Rose) looked for it, but to no avail. Bummer to lose a new toy in the first hour of play.
 We also did our around the world chocolate tasting. We did this in 2008, see here. The kids seem so young then. 
 Trader Joe's sells this cool little package of 60-73% chocolate bars from all over the chocolate growing world. 
 We get out the globe (you know Wendy, maps) and locate the cocoa countries.
Ghana and Papua New Guinea were the least favorite, if you're curious.
This was the package after the tasting, it looked much better fresh from the store, but pretty rainbow even now.
I used most of the 70% bars to make brownies the next day. 
They were pretty tasty, too!

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