Friday, March 8, 2013

High Tech Homework

 We finally purchased some ribbon for our restored Underwood #5. And it works!
The kids have had fun typing some silly stories but Henry really put it to use.
 The assignment was to write a letter to the President, President Jefferson that is, from William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame. The letter was intended to bring the President up to speed on their expedition and to persuade him to buy the Louisiana Territory.
 The coolest part was that Henry did this 100% on his own. The idea, the words, the typing, the antiquing of the paper, all of it! 
I'm sure you can't read that, but I wanted you to see the whole letter.
I wish all homework involved this level of creativity.

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Cindy or Bart said...

That is so cool. If I were the teacher, I'd love this.

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