Sunday, March 24, 2013


Grandpa Dave was with us for his birthday this year (YES, I know that was over a month ago).  We celebrated with a wonderful cake from Candace along with lots of laughs and good times.  

 Over President's Day weekend (I'm getting closer, only a month away now) we headed up to the mountains for a few days.  We were going to ski, but the snow wasn't great and one adult to three children ration isn't all that fun on the slopes.  Instead we drove about 45 minutes to Glenwood Springs, CO to check out the Glenwood Hot Springs.  It was so cool (or hot I should say).  
 It's this huge, ginormous, large, gigantic pool that is naturally heated from hot springs below.  Then there is another pool which is only mildly large that is even hotter!  I loved it.  I could have stayed there all day.  We hung out in the pool for a while then we dried off and walked around Glenwood Springs.  We checked out their local library for a while and then found an ice cream shop.  By that time, everyone was freezing and ready to go back for more hot springing!  

 We also did a little bit of sledding while we were up in the mountains.  This was on a pile of snow that had been plowed off the parking lot at the condo.  It was mainly frozen ice, so it wasnt' too soft of a landing.  It was also about 12 degrees that day so the sledding didn't last too long.  But it was fun while it lasted. 

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