Monday, April 1, 2013

Lucy's first 9th birthday

 This was a tricky birthday year for Lucy. 
We celebrated with cake and presents the night of the 22nd before we left for CO.
 A rainbow of eye-shadow.
 Applying the rainbow.
 One of the reasons for the early b-day celebration was that I was too scared to bake at high altitude.
This cake was a vanilla sponge rolled around chocolate mousse.
 Lucy had wanted trick candles - the ones that relight after you blow them out. I forgot about that request, but luckily, the very last candle which is out in the above picture relit. Phew.
Sadly, she did not love the cake (I did!), but happily another cake was on the horizon.
We celebrated again in Colorado with Jil and the girls on her actual birthday.

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