Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lucy's second 9th Birthday

 We celebrated Lucy's real birthday in Keystone with Jil and her girls and Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Bart. 
 This was a busy day as some of us skied, some drove up from Louisville, we all ate sushi and then went home for cake and presents. Phew. 
This was a chocolate cake (no raspberries) with chocolate buttercream frosting bought from a local bakery.
Lucy -again- didn't love it, but the rest of us ate it. *
Here are the skiers wearing more clothes than they have all year combined!
For first timers (not John) they did great. A half day lesson at Arapaho Basin followed by 3 more days of skiing at Keystone was perfect.
*I agreed to make a 3rd birthday dessert for Lucy when we got home. 
Don't worry, she ended up loving this one!

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