Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break

 Here are some highlights of our amazing spring break in Colorado.
I didn't get any skiing pictures, although it was certainly a highlight.
Above is the sleigh ride to a ranch for a delicious dinner.
 These guys were pretty silly.
 This one was very graceful.
 This one almost got in trouble for hitting the photographer with a snowball.
 Happy boy with a steak dinner in front of him. 
In fact all 12 of us were happy eaters that night.

 After 5 days in Keystone, we headed back down the mountains to Jil's house for a night.
Dance Party 3 was a big hit with nearly everyone.
Jil took video and she may post it. I kind of hope she doesn't because it might be of me.
Dancing is hard.
 It was really warm back in Louisville, like a beach day if we had been in SB. 
We all went to the elementary school to play for a while.
Lu and Sue got on quite well.
This was as close as I got to a picture of the agreeable cousins.
Not great as there are only 5 of them.
Hopefully, Jil got a good picture of everyone.
For more pictures of CO check out Grandma Cindy's here.

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