Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fun in Park City - Part 1

The whole reason this road trip to Utah even got off the ground was because my friend Beth (she is the head coach at Utah) turned 50 and had a "Birthday Weekend" in Park City.  We got up to Park City of Friday afternoon and went straight to the Alpine Slide.  
That's Beth on the far left, happy birthday Beth!

Isa was really excited to go.  We did this a few years ago when Ray and Liz got married and Isa was really scared.  This time she was more prepared.  

Josie was also pretty excited.  She went off on her own track and had a blast. 

Tilly thought she was excited, but really she was scared.  After about 10 minutes of her not making the sled go at all...
...I finally climbed on with her, which we weren't supposed to do because she was too tall.  Oh well.  On an alpine slide you push the lever forward to go faster and pull back to go slower.  The whole way down I was pushing forward and Tilly was pulling back.  When she got off at the end, she said it was fun!

Isa and Tilly did the Flying Eagle.  It's a mini zip line type thing.  You sit in the chair and it pulls you backwards up the hill and then lets you go.  They both liked that.

Josie, my roller coaster girl, did this ride with me.  We each had our own coaster, you get pulled up the hill like a roller coaster and they you coast down (pretty fast).  It was awesome!

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