Monday, June 2, 2014

Josie, the good and the bad

This past weekend Josie had her Spring Dance Performance.  She did great.  She danced a routine with her Hip Hop class and a routine with a Special Needs Hip Hop class that she volunteers for.  After the performances she was back stage hanging out.  She walked to get a drink from the drinking fountain and as she took a step from a carpeted area to a concrete area she heard a pop, then a lot of pain.  After the show we took her to the ER and turns out she broke the 5th metatarsal in her left foot.  She is in a walking boot and is non weight bearing right now.  We go back to the doctor Tuesday for a follow up visit.  Hopefully no cast!

On the plus side, two weekends ago she played in a soccer tournament in Grand Junction, CO and did great!  She plays goal keeper the first half and then defense the second half.  She didn't let a goal in the entire tournament!  This was her last game ever, she has decided to quit soccer and focus more time and attention to dance.  Hopefully her foot heals quickly!

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