Sunday, December 28, 2014

Field Day is finally over!!!

That was the longest Field Day in the history of time.  

I set a goal to update the blog over winter break. I had planned on starting after Field Day and catching up to present time but I decided to start with our trip to Mexico instead.  

We had an amazing time!  We left December 19 and came home the 26th.  The town where we stayed, San Francisco (everyone calls it San Pancho) is a really cool, small, hippyish, laid back town.  There were some restaurants, some little markets, a few taco stands, some artsy shops and a bunch of great people.  The weather was perfect (a little chilly at night for me, 67ish), the water was warm and a little rough and the house we stayed in was great.  We ate most meals at home with the exception of a few lunches and dinners.   I have a lot of pictures so I will probably spread them out over a few posts.  Here are the first 20, enjoy.
We had an overnight layover in Phoenix. This is outside the hotel in the morning.
Isa by the pool.

Josie and Tilly playing in the surf.

Isa enjoying the sunset.

Lunch on the beach.

Outside an art gallery.

The local plaza.

Fun in the surf.

Walking in to town along the road.

Out to dinner.

Dinner at home on the patio.
Josie enjoying the sunset.

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