Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mexico - part 2

Isa and Josie enjoying some beach time.

The view from our rooftop deck.

Tilly reading on the beach.

Enjoying the beach on Christmas Eve.

Josie made a friend, Fernanda.

Chance and Tilly reading by the pool at the house.

A Christmas Eve celebration at the town plaza.

The stage at the plaza.  The pictures are made of bottle caps!  

Out to dinner in town.  The girls on the "Golden Gate" bridge.

Looking down on the pool from the rooftop.

Sunset on the beach.

On an early morning walk I found this dog guarding the cemetery.

Barracuda's Taco Stand - unbelievable food.

More sunset on the beach pictures.

Out to dinner on Christmas Eve.

Releasing lanterns at the beach.

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