Thursday, December 20, 2007

A good use for oranges

These lovely little pomander balls have allowed me to almost forget how unhappy orange made me last week. Mae and I each made one. They smell so good. I have to remember to put one in my car.
We had more than half a bag of cranberries leftover from the popcorn stringing. I think I like them better with orange slices. The colors are amazing.

I wish we had an evergreen tree outside to decorate. The only big trees we have in our yard are palm trees and they are not easy to decorate. The other big tree we have is the orange tree from whence these came. That tree is already covered with oranges. Duh. So the window seemed the next best spot.

I really love the way it looks. Maybe next year we'll make a super-long one and run it along the fence or the hedge in front. Maybe.

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