Sunday, December 23, 2007

Winter Wonderland::Part 1

Last week it rained. Yay! John, Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Jack, Henry and Mae all went to Nojoqui Falls to see if the water was spilling. And it was. The falls are about 100 feet high.
Later in the week, John took the kids up to the top of La Cumbre peak which is the tallest peak in the foothills (3995ft). It was really cold. John says in the 20's. Brrrr.

They look cold to me.

This is not fake ice, so it must have been chilly.
The rock playgrounds up there are lots of fun for climbing and hiding.

Check out those little faces.
Henry and Mae climbed down to this rock.

Here they are looking at that same rock and the amazing view. Not exactly a white Christmas, but certainly a cold one up on the mountain top. Down at sea level it was a cool 58 degrees. Not to shabby for late December.

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