Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 5

Or maybe day 6. I kind of lost track after we arrived in Bend. We stayed with the prestigious Hancocks of Peacock Lane. It was awesome. Fabulous family. Nice new house. Great food. Wii. Fun! And there really are peacocks. About 15 or so. We collected quite a few feathers while out walking, but Ernie has eaten a fair amount of them already.
So, there were two go carts. And I've got two kids who wanted to drive them. All the time.

And they really were driving. Gas motors, gas pedals, brake pedals, steering. The works. The pasture was the perfect place to shred.

You would think there was enough room for both of them. But no.
They crashed.
Into each other.
Mae ended up with this lovely parting gift. Ahhh, siblings.

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