Sunday, December 14, 2008


Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...which it did.
The girls and I went to Oklahoma for about 36 hours this weekend. One of the perks of having your husband be a pilot is that we get to fly free if there are seats available on the plane (standby more or less). Some of our really good friends moved to Edmond, OK this summer so we decided to go visit. I was a little nervous since I had never done this before and the idea of me and 3 kids sitting at an airport for a few hours waiting for an open seat wasn't too appealing to me. We went to the airport hoping to get on the 3:30pm flight knowing we may have to wait for the 6:20pm flight.

It couldn't have gone any smoother for us. We were sitting in the gate area waiting to find out if we were going to get on the flight and Isabel said, "Hey, isn't that Lucas?" Lucas is a friend of Chance's from the Big Sky Airlines days in Montana and Boston and he has come over to the house a bunch for dinner and to hang out. Lo and behold it was Lucas, he had just flown in from Colorado Springs and you will never guess where he was going next...yup Oklahoma City. We ended up getting on the flight, 4 seats together (there are 2 seats on each side in this plane) in the very last row of the plane. Lucas let the girls into the flight deck (new p.c. word for cockpit) before the plane took off and after we landed. The flight attendants were awesome. One of them was Nelson Vails. Whom may you ask is Nelson Vails? When I called Cahnce to let him know that we got on the flight, I mentioned our flight attendant is a guy named Nelson. He proceeded to tell me that Nelson Vails is one if not the best track cyclists this country has ever had, he won a silver medal in the '84 Olympics, etc. Chance was gushing about him. Turns out he is a pretty good guy as well. We talked cycling for a while, we talked kids for a while, he hooked us up with drinks right away, I shared our extra pbj sandwich and pistachios with him. It was great.
Once we got to Oklahoma things were just as fun. It was so nice to spend time with Jen, Larry, Brice and Brock. They live in a great neighborhood with tons of kids. Most of them were inside because the wind was howling. We did manage to get out to a playground in the neighborhood for a while but most of the time was just spent hanging out and catching up. The best way to spend a weekend.

sorry this took so long to get up, we have been having some serious computer problems at home

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