Monday, December 22, 2008

s'more holiday fixins

Henry and Mae's school held their annual Festival of Lights, a global celebration of holiday traditions, last week. Mae's class focused on winter solstice. I'll talk more about that later. Henry's class did early California. In both rooms we enjoyed food and crafts. Its a pretty cool evening and everyone had a blast.Our Swedish friends have a daughter at the school as well. Their class did Saint Lucia and their craft was these cute little yarn tomtens.
Lucy and I spent an afternoon glittering last week. It started with pine cones, but these were a bit large and too 3-d. We ended up glittering some seashells which were nice and small and pretty flat.

We decorated our tree, too.

Henry can nearly reach to the top of the tree.

Not the best photo of these guys, but at least they're all looking at the camera.
Next up; the shortest day of the year. Summer here we come!

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