Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Solstice

Okay, so the first picture has nothing to do with winter solstice it is just a pretty picture of some apple muffins I took to a going away party for one of our favorite preschool teachers, sniff sniff. Here is our favorite winter solstice tradition, Sun Bread. I wrote a bit about it last year here.
This year, I made it by myself, no one wanted to help. Too busy playing I guess.

And since no one was around to help make it, no one was hovering around the oven when it came out so I had time to snap a quick picture before it was devoured.
Mae's class celebrated a Scandinavian Winter Solstice complete with wassail, a decorated yule log, a fire pit and runes. John cut about a million slices of pine branches that each child decorated with the symbol of their choice. The wood slices were then tossed into the fire for good luck. Here's to good health, friendship, love and happiness for the coming year.

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