Friday, December 31, 2010

great gifts

These are just a few pictures of some very cool gifts received this Christmas. Each kid got a small tree, almost like a bonsai. Mae decorated hers and Henry's(above and below) with teeny tiny gifts she got. Look at that yarn!
And look at those hedgies.
If you ever come across cute toe-socks, get some for Mae. She wore these for 3 days straight and has them on again today.
Aren't those toes darling?
New sweatshirt and perplexus game.
Different new shirt and a flip! Get ready for some ridiculous kid videos.
Not a new mug, but the dress is new and still on. It has been very chilly here so we've been drinking lots of chai, tea, coffee and hot chocolate.
Thank you to everyone who sent some goodies our way. We appreciate everything! Well....maybe not the silly string, but the kids loved it! I think we have a video of it. I'll get it up here soon.
Much love and happiness to all in 2011.

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