Saturday, January 1, 2011

Utah Christmas

We had a great trip to Utah. I didn't take a ton of pictures but here are a few of the highlights.

Christmas #2 when we got there!
Isabel had been asking about these forever and then was so bummed when she didn't get them at our Colorado Christmas. It was so much fun watching her open them. I took video of it, I'll try to post it later. Uncle Kenneth helped her lace them up (don't worry, they have a zipper in the back, you don't have to lace and unlace them everytime).
Josie put make-up on Hillary. What a good sport Hillary was.
First day of skiing. Elizabeth, Liz and Jil (from L to R)
Josie getting ready to hit the slopes.
Tilly suiting up.
Izzy, ready to go.
Tilly and I got hot chocolate and played around in the snow while the big guys (Ray, Liz, Kenneth, Hillary, Elizabeth, Isabel and Josie) did a few more runs.
At Alta you can ski free after 3pm. Izzy, Josie and I went up one day and did a few runs. It only takes about 45 min. - 1 hour (in good weather) to get there so it was worth going up for an hour and a half of skiing.
Ray, Liz, Christian and me at the top of Alta.
Tilly after a fun day of ski school!
We also spent some time at the Salt Lake City Public Library. It is an amazing library. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for something to do in SLC on a cold afternoon.

The final day of skiing Tilly rode the chair lift for the first time (she's on the far left). The picture is fuzzy and out of center because it was FREEEEEEEZZZZZZZIINNGG that day. Izzy and I were on the chair in front of Tilly and I tried to turn around to get a picture of her without losing my poles or mittens or my fingers to frostbite. Seriously it was about 10 degrees that day. We only skied for the afternoon and we were still pretty cold. Again, it was worth it because it was fresh powder!
We also had fashion shows with Hillary and Elizabeths clothes and high heels, saw Disney Tangled, went swimming, hung out, played cards and ate great food. Thanks to the Utah crew for making it such a fun trip!

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