Wednesday, October 26, 2011


What's going on here? Is sweet, sweet Isabel doing something to her hair?...
Looks red...
And here is the new Izzy. She has been asking me if she could dye her hair red for at least a year. I have kept saying no over and over again. She decided she wants to be Fiona from Shrek for Halloween so therefore she NEEDS to have red hair. So, red hair she has. It looks beautiful. I really like the color.
We got out first real snowfall of the season today. It's hard to believe it was 80 on Monday and Chance and I went for a bike ride in shorts and a tank top (me, not him). We probably got around 8" today. It was really beautiful. The only downside to an early snow like this is all the broken tree limbs. There were a lot of them around town unfortunately.

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