Sunday, May 20, 2012

School Garden in spring

 This has been a fabulous year for my gardens. Both school gardens are thriving. The weather through most of the winter was warm and sunny with brief periods of soaking rain. Perfect. Above are the artichokes. This is the first time I've grown them, so I'm super excited! We've harvested and eaten about 10 so far. 
 These are my 'weeds'. No joke. If I didn't plant anything, this is what I'd get. This year I left a lot of California Poppies in the garden, meaning I didn't pull them out as baby weeds. They make me look good.
Luckily, some of the vegetables managed to persist through the spring flowers. We've picked kale, peas, green onions, lots of lettuce and broccoli, all for eating with the kids.
I love my job!


Cindy or Bart said...

Le jardin scolaire de printemps est très beau. Fantastique!

wendy said...


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