Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun

Here are some of the Halloween pictures. The first few pictures are from the girls' day at school and the school Halloween Parade through downtown Louisville. It is one of the neatest traditions here in Louisville. The kids all walk from the school to downtown. All the merchants are out with candy, the Police Dept. provides bags for all the children. They walk down one side of the street, cross the street at the end of town and walk down the other. It is pretty cool to see. What a fun little town we live in.
Isabel dressed as a Geisha Girl and Josie was Snow White
Since we didn't have practice that day (which had nothing to do with the fact that we beat formerly undefeated and #2 ranked Nebraska on Wednesday night, check it out) I came home early and we got to carving our pumpkins, with a little swinging first. It has been the most beautiful fall around here lately (I am sure all the grandparents that have been out to visit may disagree, it was freezing when they were here). Thursday and Friday were close to 75 and sunny. I can feel the snow coming soon.
After dinner that night, Isabel, Josie, Kathryn (neighbor) and I went to a haunted house that a kid in the 3rd grade put together. It was really cute and a fun after dinner activity on a night when there was no school the next day. The parade and pumpkin carving all took place on Thursday. Friday, Halloween, was an in-service day for the teachers so there was no school.

This is a couple of pictures from actual Halloween night. Tilly as a frog, super cute.

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