Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Zoo Lights and Sewing

For a few years now I have said that I want to go to the Zoo Lights at the Denver Zoo. Finally this year we went. It was really amazing. The zoo stages all sorts of lights in animal patterns and cool colors throughout the grounds. I even took a few pictures without any kids in it because I thought it was so cool.

The dragon flies leading up to the spider web (if you click on it you can see it better)
Josie and the Spider Webs...not quite the same ring as Josie and the Pussycats.
Josie, Izzy, Sam and Tilly in front of a gorilla
If you enlarge this one you can see the elephant on the left spraying the one in the middle.
Sam and Josie at the mouth of the Hippo tunnel
Sam and Izzy, the Opposite Girls...notice the pants and the gloves and the shoes.
Speaking of the pants, you'll never guess who made them...me! Plus I made Izzy's hat and Josie's hat in the zoo pictures. I have been sewing like crazy lately. Dare I say I am addicted? Yes, that is safe to say. My next post will have some pictures of my handiwork.

Josie, Tilly and I went for a walk the other day and it turned in to a "chase mom with snow run" instead. It was fun, although the sun fooled us and we weren't quite dressed warmly enough.

Speaking of the sun...I am tired of this cold weather. I have been waiting plenty of five minute increments for the weather to change and it just isn't happening. I know what you are saying, well you do live in Colorado and it is winter. I realize that. I have lived here for 10 years now and I swear we haven't had a winter like this before. We have had snow on the ground since before Thanksgiving. That is unheard of here. Usually it snows, we love it and play in it and then it melts within the week because it is 50 degrees one day. Okay enough of that...I am bracing myself for single digits again tomorrow (turn on that electric blanket).

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