Sunday, March 4, 2012

Keystone 2012

We went to Keystone last weekend for our annual ski weekend. Although it was great to have time off from school and be away from the house, it wasn't the ideal ski weekend we all hoped for. We headed up Wednesday after school and everything seemed to be going great. Sometime in the middle of the night, things took a turn for the worse. I got a stomach virus (which Tilly had about 6 days earlier) that wasn't fun. The girls were signed up for ski school and I was so excited to ski with Chance. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Chance, my mom and the girls headed to Arapahoe Basin with me at home lying on the couch. Bummer.
Tilly really wanted to try snowboarding so we signed her up for a lesson. Since it was a random Thursday there weren't a lot of people there so she got a private lesson. Her instructor said she has exceptional balance. She had a good time but decided to go back to skiing the next day. Since I wasn't there that day, there aren't many pictures.
The next day, I was feeling better, but Chance had to head home to go work. We decided to take the day off from skiing and just hang out around town. We went to The Ice Castles at Silverthorne. It was really cool.
We also did a little ice skating at the rink at Keystone Village. It is huge.
The sunset was amazing that night. I took a picture of Tilly standing in front of it, it didn't show up to well but it was such a cute picture of Tilly I put it on here anyway.
Here is the real picture of the sunset. Gorgeous!

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